About the Journal

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change is an independent journal dedicated to:

  • Bridging research and practice, e.g. refining and critically reflecting the theoretical, conceptual and practical foundations of awareness-based systems change.
  • Linking inner and outer transformation as well as individual and collective transformation.
  • Further evolving (practical) knowing about, and how to promote “vertical literacy”, e.g. by explicating and reflecting on implicit as well as embodied and tacit levels of understanding about transformation processes.
  • Integrating multiple ways of knowing, such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd person methodologies, perspectives and epistemologies as they apply to social field change. 
  • Representing a broad range of voices, including those often marginalized in academia and the social system.
  • Co-evolving new methodologies which make visible and research deeper layers of social systems and help actualize their potentials, in particular creative and “experimental” (e.g. aesthetic, embodied, performative, arts-based) methodologies.

The Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change seeks to bring together 1st, 2nd and 3rd person perspectives on social field evolution.

  • First person: personal introspection and reflection as a gateway to understanding phenomena,
  • Second-person: data that surfaces inter-subjectivity and
  • Third person: data about social systems gained from outside observation.

The Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change welcomes original contributions from across sectors and disciplines which include, but are not limited to, the fields of agriculture, anthropology, applied arts, cognition studies, collective trauma integration, complexity theory, consciousness studies, ecology, economics, (transformative and/or inclusive) education, feminist and queer studies, (human) geography, health (sciences), human development, indigenous studies, leadership & organizational studies, life sciences,  linguistics, postcolonial and critical sciences, peace and conflict studies, (transpersonal) psychology, and sustainable development.


The Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change welcomes contributions in a variety of formats that address and further our understanding and knowing on these and other themes related to awareness-based practices for social transformation.

Original Articles (Double-Anonymous Peer Review)

  • Theoretical and methodological position papers clarifying, developing and refining the conceptual, theoretical and methodological base of awareness-based systems change. This includes linking these approaches to related and synergetic theories and concepts.
  • Applied research and empirical stories of application in a particular field, learning environment, hot spots of societal transformation and/or time of crisis and disruption.
  • Methodological prototypes and emerging methods to evolve the research and science of awareness-based systems change and social field research. We encourage:
    • Generative, creative, performative and/or aesthetic contributions that serve to illuminate the role of knowing-in-action, embodied, or artful forms of knowing in the process of social change. These submissions are not limited to text, but do need to be publishable in an online based journal.
  • Seeing from a larger ‘whole’ by surfacing voices from the margins through co-creative processes that harness different modes of knowing, being and doing within the social field.

In the Making (No Peer-Review but invited Discussant)

‘In the Making’ is a featured section of the journal that provides an opportunity for researchers/practitioners to share ideas as work is in-progress and invite commentary, so that the sense and meaning-making process is made visible and moved ‘in front of the curtain’. This opens the space for questions, dissent and co-inquiry into the ‘open, loose ends’ of the piece as it is ‘in the making’. Its aim is to be an innovative way of bringing rigour and relevance together and manifesting the process of transformation. Each ‘in the making’ piece will be paired with a discussant to further contribute to the dialogue in the making.

In Dialogue (By invitation only)

In Dialogue contributions explore foundational questions, comparisons and intersections between various bodies of related work, and current applications to evolve our understanding of key aspects of awareness-based systems change in and through dialogue.