Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change

Moving from Transactional to Relational




relational ontology, relational epistemology, Awareness-Based Systems Change


The editorial of this second issue of the Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change is entitled "Moving from Transactional to Relational," which we read as one of the central themes running through all of the contributions in this issue. In amplifying the voices of the authors, we contend that we have been confined and restrained by western and hegemonic notions of rationalism, reductionism, empiricism, mechanism, dualism, and causality for too long. Speaking from a relational body of knowing the various contributions assembled here represent attempts to reevaluate the ontological and epistemological positions and foundations that make up the fabric of social institutions and systems. They also suggest ways forward that hold the potential to tap into and activate the transformative potential that lies within people and systems.


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