Three Horizons Meets Presencing for Inclusive, Just and Equitable Futures


  • Oliver Koenig Bertha von Suttner Private University St. Pölten
  • Megan Seneque Research Associate of the Susanna Wesley Foundation, Roehampton University and Associate of Presencing Institute
  • Bill Sharpe International Futures Forum, H3Uni, and Leaders Quest
  • Zahra Ash-Harper Independant Creative Director of Inclusion
  • Stefan Bergheim Centre for Societal Progress in Frankfurt
  • Anthony Hodgson H3Uni
  • Asiya Odugleh-Kolev Department of Integrated Health Services at WHO



Three Horizons, Futuring, Presencing, Awareness-Based Systems Change, Inclusion, Social Equity


The In Dialogue piece in this issue, brings together Oliver Koenig, Megan Seneque, Bill Sharpe, Zahra Ash-Harper, Stefan Bergheim, Anthony Hodgson, and Asiya Odugleh-Kolev to explore the links between Presencing and Three Horizons in the context of creating inclusive, just and equitable futures. The conversants explore what it means to avoid totalising structures (however well intended), as we work with a plurality of perspectives in the kind of reflexive futuring processes that are contained in both the Three Horizons and in Presencing. This exploration around the nature and quality of structure required for authentic presence and for the emergence of collective insight from a plurality of perspectives, drew the conversants to the nature of structuring that love brings.


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Koenig, O., Seneque, M., Sharpe, B., Ash-Harper, Z., Bergheim, S., Hodgson, A., & Odugleh-Kolev, A. (2022). Three Horizons Meets Presencing for Inclusive, Just and Equitable Futures. Journal of Awareness-Based Systems Change, 2(1), 127–145.